SONY CD Architect 5 2d 240 [x86] zip


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SONY CD Architect 2d 240 x86 zip





Professional Red Book Audio CD Mastering


SONY CD Architect 5 2d 240 x86 zip

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SONY CD Architect 2d 240 x86 zip

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Professional Red Book Audio CD Mastering


• Professional Red Book Audio CD Mastering - Produce professional audio CDs to Red Book specification with CD Architect software. Perform full PQ code editing, trim events from full-length media and add as new tracks, import regions from Sound Forge software as tracks, read and write CD text, master audio by applying over 20 real-time DirextX effects to events and the master output, and perform disc-at-once CD burning.

• Powerful CD creation tools - CD Architect software provides all the tools you need to produce professional CDs from beginning to end. Perform full PQ code editing, apply effects, create customized crossfades, and generate disc-at-once premasters suitable for professional replication.

• Over 20 real-time DirectX effects - CD Architect software gives you the flexibility you need to professionally master your final product. Master your CD projects using over 20 real-time DirectX effects including EQ, compression, reverb, and noise gate. Apply effects to individual tracks, sections of a track, or the master bus.

• Powerful editing features - Zoom to sample level and perform precise, real-time edits, fades and crossfades. Move, cut, copy, paste, and split events. Invert audio phase, normalize tracks, and perform audio scrubbing - even apply real-time pitch changes and time stretching.

• Media extraction tools - Create "best-of" CDs in minutes. Preview and extract tracks of your own music, add them to your project, and burn to CD. Tracks are extracted with full PQ information including track start points, timing information, and more.

• Professional mixing tools - Create transitions between songs or layer audio to produce complex crossfades and DJ-style megamixes. Create "live" CDs with audio in between tracks, apply volume and ASR envelopes to events and even create hidden tracks!

• Professional CD burning features - CD Architect software includes support for a wide variety of CD burners, including FireWire, USB, IDE, and SCSI devices. Perform test burns before writing to CD. CD Architect also supports buffer underrun protection - preventing unusable discs.

• Full PQ code editing - CD Architect software lets you arrange tracks with speed and precision. Perform full PQ code editing including track and index positions, ISRC codes, and pause times.

• Fully customizable workspace - CD Architect software lets you to customize your environment to fit the way you work. Dock or float windows, including the Playlist, Tracklist, Trimmer, Media Pool and Mixer anywhere on your workspace.

• Powerful CD design features - Arrange audio tracks using simple drag-and-drop operations. Create multiple takes of a song to use in your project before burning. Preview and switch between various takes and choose the one that fits best in your project.

• Protected work environment - Work with confidence. CD Architect software automatically creates and saves a backup copy of your project every five minutes. Use the undo/redo history to restore previous edits with ease. View past edits - even undo or redo whole groups at a time.

• Cue sheet printing - Share track list information with other applications or a CD replication house. You can copy track list information, save it to a text file, or print a hard copy directly from the CD Architect application.

• Ultimate audio fidelity - Use the highest quality audio in your CD projects, up to 32-bit, 192kHz source audio - no conversion is necessary. Convert your tracks to Red Book audio with high-quality resampling and dithering with noise shaping.

• Multiple file format support - Use multiple file formats in your project. CD Architect software performs the conversion for you. Convert your favorite MP3s to WAV on the fly, burn new audio CD's, and listen to them anywhere. CD Architect software supports popular formats including MP3, AIFF, Windows Media Audio, Ogg Vorbis, and more.



SONY CD Architect 5 2d 240 [x86] zip
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